Accepted Papers

Accepted Papers 

Exploring gender differences in Islamic finance acceptance: Evidence from Bahrain
Dr. Adel M. Sarea Associate Professor,  Ahlia University- Kingdom of Bahrain

Women in Academic Career: Challenges and Opportunities of women working in universities
Dr. Nazli TYFEKQI, Dr. Sc. Luan VARDARI, Ukshin Hoti University, Kosovo

Recent Developments on Women Rights in Boards
Prof Dr Kiymet Caliyurt, Trakya University, Turkey 

Female parliamentarians and the distribution of national happiness
Shakhnoza Tosheva, Senior Analyst, ERGO Research and Advisory
Arletta Isaeva, Junior Analyst, ERGO Research and Advisory
Raufhon SALAHODHAJEV, Senior Lecturer, Westminster International University in Tashkent
Senior Research Fellow, CPRO, Tashkent, Director for Research, ERGO Research and Advisory

Women in Business and entrepreneurial roles: "Get Smarter "
Dr.Mamta Bhatia, University of Delhi

Economic Empowerment of Women through Income Generation Activities: Institutional Linkages for Achieving Gender Equality
Dr. G.P.Sudha, Anna Centre for Public Affairs, University of MadrasChennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Social Legislation and Gender Equality in India - A Study
Dr.P.Maduraiveeran, Anna Center for Public Affairs, University of Madras

Gender and Business: Will it Matter in the Future?

Sinem Hun and Yael Nevo, Genderscope 

Women's Employment  Dıstrıbutıon by Sectors In Turkey & Europa
Fatma Cesur, Şeval Candemir


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